This illustration shows the Gerber farm and Rauth guesthouse in their original form.
Our logotype follows this line of thought, showing the marriage of the original inscriptions and fonts of both structures.


GERBER-RAUTH SpA is a private investment company based in Milan with roots in the alpine Südtirol/Trentino-Alto Adige region of Northern Italy.

Trentino-Alto Adige is a peculiar part of Italy as it sits on a geographic and linguistic border between two diametrically distinct peoples, the Italian-speaking and German-speaking cultures. This paradoxically complex situation, when seen as an opportunity rather than a hurdle, bears witness to our flexibility, adaptability, international mindset and multilingual approach.

The background of complementing opposites lays the groundwork for the particular culture of our company.

Our company name and business principles originate from two particular places linked to our founding family: the Gerber farm and Rauth guesthouse in the Val d’Ega of Alto Adige.

The Gerber farm, founded in 1587, represents the classic farming principles of resilience, social responsibility, precision, and planning for the long term.

The Rauth guesthouse, formally founded in 1945, which had previously served for centuries as a welcoming sanctuary for merchants travelling across the Alps between Northern and Southern Europe, stands for openness, dynamism, entrepreneurship, and a pioneering approach.

Our company therefore has centuries-old roots as small business owners and merchants in agri-foods, hospitality, and trade.

GERBER-RAUTH pursues projects within its circle of competence in the dairy, commodities trading, general agribusiness, food and beverage, and consumer products sectors.

Please contact us at:
+39 04 7106 6807